Hello 2023

sunset street food markets

Hey we’ve got exciting things going down here at HQ. This time of year is all about planning and I’m sitting here at my computer wrapped in layers and dreaming of summer. Its a mixed bag of looking forward to it because then I’ll be waaaaarm… but also knowing that I’ll be working my socks off to keep up with ordering stock, posting content, washing cups, keeping the trailer in order, keeping my house in some semblance of order and trying to cook dinner for feeding time at the zoo (in other words, my family).

January and February becomes the time to lay the seeds, and as every good farmer knows, good soil makes better crops. Like the soil I need a rest, so its time to catch up with friends and family and films and books and fitness. I also start to negotiate contracts with landowners and pitches with traders. I think about the menu at the pop up pub The Salty Arms, I think about what kind of support and staffing I’ll need. I think about what tech we’re gong to need, and I think about how I’m going to advertise the events.

So although its resting time its thinking time too. What I’m saying is that even as a small business that has only summer events, I am in fact working all year round. Right now I’m negotiating and setting dates, trying to get an overview the year ahead.