dates for Sidmouth food fair

Welcome to Sidmouth Eats Boutique

We’re re-writing our FAQs relevant to 2023 so please bear with us.

Did you know we also have Eats Boutique events in Seaton and Axminster? Family friendly, dog friendly – generally we just make really friendly events for everyone. And they are FREE to come to. Come and join us on facebook and Instagram.


“We love Seaton Eats!!! A highlight of the summer season in Seaton! A great time to get  together with friends and family, chilled atmosphere and great location by the sea”


“As a regular trader at Unique Boutique Events I have enjoyed thorough professionalism from the very first event and for the last nine years of my association with the management  of this beautiful upmarket festival.”


“Lovely events that bring people together in a party atmosphere. Always fun and interesting food choices”


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