Platinum Jubilee celebrations Seaton Devon

Seaton Eats Boutique

JOIN us for a FREE COCKTAIL to toast her Majesty. Its her favourite don’t you know? Dubonnet and Gin over ice, with a slice. One to sip as an aperitif as you decide which street food you’re going to eat first.

Claim your free cocktail here: Jubilee-Friday-FREE-COCKTAIL.pdf

Our much loved and ever popular street food market is back for 2022. Seaton Eats Boutique is returning to its usual First Friday of the summer months, starting Friday 6 May. We’ll bring you global flavours, you bring your friends and join us on the Jurassic coast in a ritual as old as time. 


Enjoy world cuisine made for you by local people, often using local ingredients. Our market directly supports up to 10 small businesses and a number more that supply us. By coming along to an event and making a purchase you are supporting all of these livelihoods. What’s more, Seaton Eats Boutique is free to enter because we feel that everyone should be invited to the finest table in town under the big Devon sky. 

Each market event’s menu is published on our social media pages, or you can sign up for our (brief) emails for the forthcoming menu direct to your inbox.


The event is finished.


03 Jun 2022


4:00 pm - 9:00 pm