Unique Boutique Events creates destination markets in East Devon for everyone in the community to come together.

These events enable people to participate in a communal activity, access fresh, local produce and global culture while supporting local, rural and independent businesses.

Our community will be more economically resilient, have heightened food security, adapt consumption habits to more sustainable behaviours, create stronger connections with the landscape and stronger connections to the individuals who make up the community, and all of this will generate pride in the town.

The vision of Unique Boutique Events is for everybody to have a sense of worth in our local community, and to love the community in which we live. We will work towards achieving our vision by bringing people together at destination cultural events.


We believe people are stronger together. 

  • we want to build partnerships, develop understanding and lift each other up
  • where possible our events are free accessible because everyone has the right to be included 
  • social interaction is the soil from which ideas seed and is where life’s joy can be found

We act with integrity. 

  • our landscape is precious and the Jurassic coast is unique. 
  • we each have a responsibility to adapt our individual behaviours to interact more sustainably with out environment
  • fair wages are paid in recognition of each person’s unique contribution and skills
  • we trust in people

We hope.

  • the future offers opportunity 
  • we have a responsibility to model ways of living that promote understanding and empathy with the people and the word around us
  • we want to be transformational in how we run our events, to demonstrate leadership from ourselves and our partners to create events that meet some of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This is an ambition we have just started working towards.