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Why aren’t you in Cliff Field Gardens this year?

The answers are here

What can I expect at Seaton Eats Boutique?

This is where it all started, and the event is much valued by people in the area. Consequently, the events can get very busy and its not unusual to queue for 45 minutes to get your food. 

The area we use is quite compact, so queues become intermingled and it can feel a little bonkers, slightly shambolic and mildly exuberant. 

Lots of people enjoy this rambunctious characteristic of our Seaton events. We suggest you grab a drink from The Salty Arms, and treat time your queuing time as a social activity. Get chatting with those around you, and before you know it you’ll have made new friends and made it to the front of the queue. 

If you want your food in a hurry I suggest you either come early, or late. We have extended our trading times to try and ease the pressure at peak time, which is why we start at 4pm. 

If you cannot find anywhere to sit in the venue, its because we’re having a Really busy night. I suggest you bring a chair as many people do, or find a peaceful spot in the mile long beach that is across the road.  

If you choose to purchase food from an establishment in the town instead, then thats great. Spread the love!

If you get overwhelmed by lots of people in a small space, perhaps this isn’t the event for you. May I suggest you try our sister event, Sidmouth Eats Boutique, which is an altogether more genteel affair.

Why do I have to queue for so long? 

As a free to attend event we never know how busy it will be, especially if it’s around a bank holiday. We are a friendly bunch of people who work our socks off to deliver great food and drink and have to work at a pace that we can sustain. Although our events are 5 hours long, its usually means a long, physical 12 hour day. We too have crises in our personal lives, vehicle breakdowns and illness, which sometimes means at the last minute someone is unable to attend an event. So if queuing time is particularly long one evening, it can be because we are missing a trader. 

Street food is about freshly prepared food using ingredients from the local area. (Of course, our global street food uses all sorts of ingredients, some local and some specialist ones to give the authenticity of flavour.). Street food is not the same is fast food. Street food is cooked for you, so that you enjoy it at its best. This takes time. Having waited patiently in the queue have some banter with those serving you and enjoy the theatre of your food being cooked. 

How do I find out whats on the menu?

Follow our facebook page @SeatonEatsBoutique  or instagram page @unique_boutique_events where we’ll post the menu a few days before. We like to rotate our vendors for variety, so never expect the same market twice (but we do have lots of traders who come back regularly ‘cos they just love to see you time and again).

Do you cater for dietary requirements? 

YES! In a world where people are increasingly aware of their body’s individual rhythms we do indeed make every effort to ensure we have menu choices for everyone. See the little codes next to the descriptions on the menus (links above). Please do be aware that each trader produces food they love and not all are able to offer every dietary option. BUT since it is all prepared and cooked by them they know what’s goes in and can advise you – please just ask.

Should I bring a chair or something to sit on? 

That would be a great idea. Your own chairs or rug or cushion would make the best #SeatOutDevon and you’ll dine in style.

Can I bring my dog?

Jubilee Gardens is under East Devon District Council which stipulates that dogs are not allowed. The beach has a dogs policy, which you can read here.

Do you take card payments?

Yes, and at the bar we are happy to give cash back with a bar purchase.

Is there a cash machine nearby?

There is a Lloyds bank on the corner of Eyrecourt Road and Marine Place, approx 2 mins walk.

Are there loos nearby?

Just across the road and to the right, there are loos, showers and baby changing facilities on the beach promenade

Is there disabled access?

Yes! We’re in public gardens and there are ramps to everywhere. There are disabled toilet facilities in the nearby public loos (please see above for locations).

Where can I park? 

Both The Esplanade (next to the beach) and The Orchard Road council car park are less than a 3 minute walk away, and both stop charging after 6pm. There is also parking on The Underfleet. Disabled parking is available in many places.

Is there public transport? for your specific journey, check out Travelinesw

Marine Place are where most buses terminate, and there’s a bus stop right in front of us.

Can I bring my own alcohol?

In short, we’d rather you didn’t, as purchases from the bar directly support the viability of the events. We endeavour to keep the prices fair and offer a varied menu of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. We use re-usable plastics too with a deposit scheme as we’re conscious of the waste events like ours can generate. Please note that Jubilee Gardens have a temporary events license to sell alcohol, meaning that they are subject to all the laws in this respect. Anyone under the age of 18 consuming alcohol will be politely asked to leave, and please don’t be offended if we ask to see some id.

Is there something for children?

There is always something on the menu that kids love to eat, and the bar serves squash and apple juice.

Jubilee Gardens is next to a road so we suggest you don’t let your kids roam too freely.  But, the mile long pebble beach is just across the road. Go up a level into Seafield Gardens where there is a crazy golf course, tennis courts and a playground. More details here

What about rubbish?

Please use the rubbish bins, and better still, take your rubbish and recyclables home, particularly if its not from something you have bought at our event. If you see an overflowing bin do let someone on the bar know as we have spare bin bags. All our vendors take their rubbish with them at the end of the evening. We use re-usable plastic cups on the bar as we are conscious of the waste we generate at our events. Feel free to bring plate or tupperware, though we realise this is a night out and a night off the washing up. Our vendors are encouraged to use as little packaging as possible, composite where possible, and may charge for eg a pizza boxes.


Word of our lovely market has spread to the sea gull population and they like food, especially if they can tug it out of a rubbish bin. They are not very welcome guests at our party, but this is their territory too so we gently discourage with our bird-of-prey kites. Please be aware that they can grab food out of your hands, and when this happens its quite a shock. Try to sit with your back against a wall or bush to stop them dive bombing, wrap your food up while walking, or eat really fast (no don’t do that, you need to savour all the delicious flavours).


“We love Seaton Eats!!! A highlight of the summer season in Seaton! A great time to get  together with friends and family, chilled atmosphere and great location by the sea”


“As a regular trader at Unique Boutique Events I have enjoyed thorough professionalism  from the very first event and for the last four years of my association with the management  of this beautiful upmarket festival.”


“Lovely events that bring people together in a party atmosphere. Always fun and  interesting food choices”


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