dates for Seaton Eats Boutique

Welcome to Seaton Eats Boutique

We’re re-writing our FAQs relevant to 2023 so please bear with us, but here’s a flavour…

This is where it all started. Seaton is the home of Eats Boutique

The event is much valued by people in the area and consequently, can get very busy. It’s not unusual to queue for 45 minutes to get your food. 

The area we use is quite compact, so queues become intermingled and it can feel a little bonkers, slightly shambolic and mildly exuberant. 

Lots of people enjoy this rambunctious characteristic of our Seaton events. We suggest you grab a drink from The Salty Arms, and treat queuing time as part of the fun. Get chatting with those around you, and before you know it you’ll have made new friends and made it to the front of the queue. 

If you want your food in a hurry come either early at 4, or late, at 8. We have extended our trading times to try and ease the pressure at peak time.  

If you cannot find anywhere to sit in the venue, its because we’re having a Really busy night. Bring a chair, a cushion or a picnic blanket, or find a peaceful spot on the mile long beach across the road. No worries about sand in your food with our beautiful, multi coloured pebbles.

If you choose to purchase food from an establishment in the town instead, then thats great. Spread the love!

If you get overwhelmed by lots of people in a small space, perhaps this isn’t the event for you. May I suggest you try our sister event, Sidmouth Eats Boutique, which is an altogether more genteel affair.


“We love Seaton Eats!!! A highlight of the summer season in Seaton! A great time to get  together with friends and family, chilled atmosphere and great location by the sea”


“As a regular trader at Unique Boutique Events I have enjoyed thorough professionalism from the very first event and for the last nine years of my association with the management  of this beautiful upmarket festival.”


“Lovely events that bring people together in a party atmosphere. Always fun and interesting food choices”


Any questions? Want to trade? Lets connect